Volume 1 (2017)


Cinzia dal Maso


Italy to Italians. Interview with Daniele Manacorda

Carolina Megale

Butrint before the Butrint foundation

Richard Hodges

Topic of the Year: Small But Kind of Mighty

‘Pompeii-mania’ in schools Down Under

Louise Zarmati

Memory and Earthquake. The Pilastri excavation project (Emilia Romagna, Italy) toward a shared community archaeology approach

Giulia Osti, Lara Dal Fiume, Simone Bergamini, Rita Guerzoni, Micol Boschetti, Valentino Nizzo, Margherita Pirani, Stefano Tassi

The case of the Arles Rhône 3 Project: an example of underwater heritage communication

Caterina De Vivo

The Virtual Etruscan Museum of Populonia Gasparri Collection: enhancing the visitor’s experience

Carolina Megale & Carlo Baione

Edutainment and gamification: a novel communication strategy for cultural heritage

Stefania Mancuso, Maurizio Muzzopappa & Fabio Bruno

Satura Lanx

Italian public archaeology on fieldwork: an overview

Francesco Ripanti

Disciplinary locus and professional habitus: the roles of Researcher and Discipline within the socio-political and cultural domains

Massimiliano Secci

Italian museums and Twitter: an analysis of Museum Week 2016

Chiara Zuanni


Akira Matsuda


The Lombards, a completely different story

Mariangela Galatea Vaglio

April 12th, 1204: Constantinople under siege

Francesco Ripanti

The Christmas Song of the custodian

Marina Lo Blundo


Living archaeology at the Archaeodrome

Francesco Ripanti

A wedding with surprise: orange blossoms at the museum

Nicoletta Frappiccini

How Millennials are changing our culture

Anna Paterlini

Being an archaeologist in Kurdistan. Interview with Luca Peyronel

Cinzia Dal Maso & Chiara Boracchi

The Monuments Men of Libya

Giulio Lucarini


Tonight, we’re sleeping at the museum!

Giovanna Baldassarre

The source-chest

Nina Marotta


Warship battering rams on display in Favignana

Cinzia Dal Maso

The Riace celebrities

Giovanna Baldassarre

Agamemnon’s Version

Giovanna Baldassarre

Watching the world with Blu’s eyes

Cinzia Dal Maso