Volume 2 (2018)


Cinzia Dal Maso & Luca Peyronel


What is meant by ‘archaeology’ today?

Daniele Manacorda

Saranda 1998: A vision for Butrint and other cultural heritage strategies

Richard Hodges

Topic of the Year: The Sublime Triangle

Museums without walls and sustainable development in Jordan. Some thoughts from the Madaba Regional Archaeological Museum Project

Marta D’Andrea, Andrea Polcaro, Douglas R. Clark, Suzanne Richard

The conquest of Akragas: How the past changed the present in the Valley of the Temples (Agrigento, Sicily)

Laura Danile, Giovanni Virruso & Claudia Speciale

Community-centred supply chains and sustainable archaeological tourism

Peter Gould

Archaeology and Cultural Routes: A relationship to develop

Alessio Innocenti

‘Multicultural Public Archaeology’. A strategy to expand multicultural audience in Sicilian archaeological museums

Flavia Zisa

Satura Lanx

Culture as value

Aldo Di Russo

In the Lombard’s footsteps: Proposals for educational visits to localities in the UNESCO serial site The Longobards in Italy. Places of power (AD 568-774)

Francesca Morandini, Maria Stovali & Anna Maria Ferroni


The Man in Chains from Baratti, the slave that dreamt of freedom

Mariangela Galatea Vaglio

Medusa, the goddess of Poggio del Molino

Mariangela Galatea Vaglio

Ötzi, the last of the shamans

Giorgia Cappelletti


Five years of Digital Invasions, and they do not cease to amaze and innovate

Cinzia Dal Maso

What is PArCo, the Public Archeology Park

Cinzia Dal Maso

Exhibited in Populonia the recently discovered Man in Chains from Baratti

Giorgio Baratti & Carolina Megale

Immersive virtual reality: The technology that brings us back to the times of Augustus and Nero

Cinzia Dal Maso

San Giovanni Metro C Station in Rome: An archaeological feast for everyone

Chiara Boracchi

Faragola. Destruction and reconstruction of an archaeological site

Giuliano De Felice

The Symbola Report and professions in archaeology: What the numbers say

Chiara Boracchi


Strength and ethics of the context: Giving a true meaning to History and to our lives

Daniele Manacorda

Exploring public archaeology

Francesco Ripanti

Cinema in the Stone Age or a film about the Stone Age?

Alessandra Cilio

Father and Son: Videogame or emotional experience?

Giuliano De Felice