Getting your files ready

In 2022 we expanded the range of manuscripts accepted for publication, in consideration of the types of contributes we received during these years. Currently, ARCHEOSTORIE® Journal of Public Archaeology accepts the following formats:

Accepted for the sections
Topic of the Year and Satura Lanx

Research Paper

What: Original research papers presenting full Introduction, methods, results, discussion and conclusion.

max. 6,500 words*

up to 10 images/graphs/charts**

Double-blind peer review

Accepted for the section
Satura Lanx

Short Paper

What: Brief reports/case studies from original research, proposing an in-depth view of a specific aspect.

max. 3,500 words*

up to 6 images/graphs/charts**

Double-blind peer review

Accepted for the section

Review Article

What: articles discussing relevant books, conferences, exhibitions, documentaries, and video games.

max. 3,500 words*

needs approval from Editorial Board

Double Blind Peer Review

*abstract, acknowledgements, conflict of interest, data availability declaration and references excluded from the word count.

** tables excluded from the count.

Submitting your manuscript

The submission of manuscripts happens through the thematic google form, which you can access reach by clicking submit in the top menu. In this first phase you will be asked for:

  • Main contact details: your first and last name, affiliation, ORCID and the section to which you are submitting.
  • Paper submission details: title, authors and affiliation, abstract (max 150 words), 5 relevant keywords.
  • Dataset specifics: if you are releasing a dataset related to your article, you will be asked about the way in which it will be distributed. We recommend having a look at the xx section in the Policies and Ethics page.
  • Files Upload: since google forms allow uploading a max. no. of 10 files per submission, we recommend wrapping up all the files in a unique zip folder.

General requirements

Submissions are admitted only in clear English. Any professional translation service shall be borne by the author. All types of contribution must be uploaded in open text format (DOCX, ODT). Please do not include illustrations and graphic files into the text file but keep them in a folder with the captions file.

Endnotes/footnotes are not admitted, please use only in-text citations following the Harvard referencing style (author – date system) as shown in the dedicated section Referencing. For specifics about contents, format see the section below.

Acknowledgements can be included at the end of the text.