ARCHEOSTORIE Journal of Public Archaeology is the open access, peer-reviewed and online-only journal that provides Italy with an arena to discuss issues such as the management and communication of archaeological heritage and, more widely, the role of archaeology into contemporary society. It produces insightful analyses on significant initiatives aimed at involving the public in archaeological and heritage issues, and bridging the gap between our past and modernity.

Since the journal is open-access all articles are available on the internet to all users immediately upon publication; for more details about licensing terms see this page.

Vision and scope

For years, it has been indeed common for archaeologists – at least in Italy – not to publish even the results of their excavations. This way, not only a huge number of information has been lost forever but also, archaeologists have failed their mission toward the community. Recently, however, there has been a counter-trend: not only more and more research is being published and made accessible to the general public, but archaeologists are widening their range of skills. Today, restoration, conservation, management and communication are only few of the activities the archaeologist of the new century engages with everyday.

However, these skills are still not widely accepted and recognised by either the Italian institutions or community as necessary to the profession. In other parts of the World instead, the analysis of the impact of archaeology on society is a crucial aspect of the overall discipline and it has already been formally articulated into a set of methods, rules and professional profiles. Despite the continuing growth of Public Archaeology as a field of studies, the Italian interpretation of the subject is still heavily under-investigated. As it was observed by Chiara Bonacchi (Public Archaeology, Vol. 12 No. 3, August 2013, 211–16 2009):

“This area is now beginning to be understood as concerned with the preservation, communication and public use of archaeology. However, the path towards a clearer definition of Archeologia Pubblica as a formal area of teaching and research requires further and more focused scrutiny if Public Archaeology is to become a way for Italian archaeologists to demonstrate public value and fight the consequences of the economic (and social) crisis we are experiencing.”

Our mission is to legitimise these activities in order to bring the discipline of Public Archaeology in Italy up to international academic standards. Italian universities have to offer students the opportunity to learn what Public Archaeology is and how it can contribute to the profession and the role of archaeology within contemporary society.

Our aim is to fill this gap encouraging academic debate on Public Archaeology in Italy and promoting and coordinating related activities.

ARCHEOSTORIE JPA is a must for all those who want to keep informed on the ever-changing ways our society looks at its past and, consequently, at the ways it reflects on itself.