Volume 3 (2019)


C. Dal Maso & L. Peyronel

Topic of the Year: Museum Archaeology.
Social engagement, active participation and community empowerment

Excellence and craft. A network of museums to challenge post-earthquake crisis in the Marches

S. Antonini & J. Piccinini

The Museo delle Culture and its audience: A five-year balance

C. Orsini

The museum belongs to the participating community: Social engagement experiences at the Angera Civic Archaeological and Open-Air Museum, Lake Maggiore, Italy

V. Baietti & C. Miedico

Ancient Near Eastern mementoes: The archaeological ‘souvenir’ industries between replica and invention

S. Di Paolo

Perspectives in the first person. A questionnaire on museum semiotics

M. E. Oddo

Satura Lanx

Augmented reality in Brescia: Evaluation questionnaires in San Salvatore basilica. A joint process between managers, public, and university

N. Delbarba & F. Morandini

Citizen participation in Cultural Heritage management: The Integrity Pact pilot program

P. L. Buttiglione & A. M. Marras


Augustus of Labicana Street

G. Cappelletti

Citizen participation in Cultural Heritage management: The Boxer at Rest

G. Cappelletti

The Evening Shadow

G. Cappelletti

Death at sea: The crater of the shipwreck

G. Cappelletti

The Diver

G. Cappelletti

The Trundholm Sun Chariot

G. Cappelletti


In Jordan, public archaeology is a solid reality

M. Lorenzon

Classical Pop: A surprising exhibition

C. Dal Maso

Sea of Hope: A graphic novel that links together ancient and modern migrations

M. Nocita

A dive into the blue: Fighting autism at Paestum Museum

C. Dal Maso


Art forgers in 20th century Italy. A portrait gallery

A. Cilio