A dive into the blue: Fighting autism at Paestum Museum

Abstract Stimulating reactions and feelings in autistic people with a visit to a museum depository: it was called A dive into the blue and was a truly innovative project carried out in 2019 at the Paestum Archaeological Museum, everythird Sunday of the month. Fig. 1. A frame of the initiative (photo: Cilento4all). “Hi, I’m an […]

Classical Pop: A surprising exhibition

Abstract In Rome in Palazzo Massimo and Crypta Balbi, a beautiful, curious but also refined exhibition. Classical Pop is the ‘classic’ for everyone. Fig. 1. An installation by Giovanni Volpato (photo: Teodoro Teodoracopulos). It’s called Classical Pop and keeps its promises. It is a beautiful exhibition – in Rome at Palazzo Massimo and the Crypta […]


The topic of this year’s issue of Archeostorie. Journal of Public Archaeology is entitled Museum Archaeology. Social engagement, active participation and community empowerment. Museums live within society and change in step with cultural, social, political, and economical transformations. They are facing the challenges of the modern global world and are charged with high responsibilities in […]