Ajax: life as a wingman

Cinzia Dal Maso, Centro studi per l’archeologia pubblica ‘Archeostorie’,


Ajax: life as a wingman is part of the series #raccontidalmuseo (stories from the museum) in the time of the Coronavirus. This project was launched by the Archeostorie Magazine during the long months of the spring lockdown. All cultural venues in Italy were shut down due to the law decree of March 8th, 2020, which listed the necessary measures to contain the spread of COVID-19. With our stories, we who love visiting museums, filled them with life in our way, while they remained justly empty. We remained hopeful that such a difficult moment would soon pass. At first, the editorial board worked on the project, then we began to receive a great number of stories. Even school groups guided by their teacher participated enthusiastically.

Ajax is generally remembered almost exclusively for his massacre and suicide. However, he was the strongest among the Achaeans at Troy. With him, the age of heroes comes to an end.