Agamemnon’s version

Giovanna Baldasarre
Center for Public Archaeology Studies ‘Archeostorie’
Open Access
Translated by: Erika Bianchi
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
How to cite: Baldasarre, G. 2017. Agamemnon’s version. Archeostorie. Journal of Public Archaeology. 1: pp. 193-194
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ABSTRACT – All that is left of him is his proud, regal face forever stuck in gold, and the epithet “wide-ruling,” that Homer used to define the man’s haughty, proud spirit. Yet, for his latest book published by Einaudi, Giulio Guidorizzi has chosen Agamemnon’s ‘case’, as the lens through which he describes the Homeric world, its heroes and its values.