University of Cagliari as a heritage community. A case of “multivocal nudge” for sharing heritage in times of social distancing

After a long period of limitations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, in the framework of Monumenti
Aperti (an Italian large-scale cultural event of local engagement), organizers from the University of Cagliari
(UniCa) were faced with a choice: interrupt a decade of active involvement in the program, or reimagine
‘digitally’ their projects to overcome the public sanitary situation. During the 2020 digital edition, Vestigia
UniCa – Lab of Cultural Heritage Didactics and Communication, carried on the academic institutional
missions (education, research, social impact) under the university Heritage Community brand UniCa C’è,
identifying the Loquis geo-podcasting application as a ‘suitable nudge’ to enhance community relationship
beyond simple connections. The analysis of the context, the projects evaluated, the methodology adopted, the
specific targets and the results obtained, allowed to collect useful data to accomplish research on topics such as
cultural heritage planning and the study of linked digital experiences.