A dive into the blue: Fighting autism at Paestum Museum

Abstract Stimulating reactions and feelings in autistic people with a visit to a museum depository: it was called A dive into the blue and was a truly innovative project carried out in 2019 at the Paestum Archaeological Museum, everythird Sunday of the month. Fig. 1. A frame of the initiative (photo: Cilento4all). “Hi, I’m an […]

Sea of Hope: A graphic novel that links together ancient and modern migrations

Abstract A work by pupils of the Liceo Pilo Albertelli in Rome. And on October 3, Remembrance Day for those who diedat sea, the film that tells how it was made will be presented. Fig. 1. A strip of the graphic novel Sea of Hope (Liceo Pilo Albertelli in Rome). Far-off voices from the sea […]

Classical Pop: A surprising exhibition

Abstract In Rome in Palazzo Massimo and Crypta Balbi, a beautiful, curious but also refined exhibition. Classical Pop is the ‘classic’ for everyone. Fig. 1. An installation by Giovanni Volpato (photo: Teodoro Teodoracopulos). It’s called Classical Pop and keeps its promises. It is a beautiful exhibition – in Rome at Palazzo Massimo and the Crypta […]

In Jordan, public archaeology is a solid reality

Abstract Public archaeology was the protagonist at the recent International Conference on Jordan’s History and Archaeology. Fig. 1. The booklet of the conference (photo: Marta Lorenzon). The 14th International Conference on the History and Archaeology of Jordan (ICHAJ) has just finished in Florence. For a whole week a fantastic and heterogeneous group of Jordanian and […]